Whoooooo are youuuuuu?

I’ve done it.

It was time.

Friends… meet Curiouser & Curiouser 2.0.

I know, I know. You’re aghast, you’re alarmed, and your worried for the little blog you’d come to love as family and now you aren’t even sure you know who she is anymore.

Let me attempt to put you at ease by assuring you this is definitely still the girl who once went through a pretty serious Victorian phase, who started a band (possibly as a great excuse to wear said Victorian-inspired garb), who met the man of her dreams on a swingset, who fostered a pup named Gabe (a pup with serious anxiety issues and an affinity for scarves), who played a two-faced soda jerk in a certain drug-themed musical, who is finally convinced that “being in love is totally punk rock,” who dressed like a pirate two Halloweens in a row, who is a sucker for e-cartoons, who took in a stray kitty named Sophie (and then another named Pip), who was undeniably the whitest girl in Miami, who took up the camera and decided to shoot herself every day for a year, who waited tables then sat at desk then went back to waiting tables, who was unemployed more frequently than she liked to admit, who did some of her best writing when she was unemployed, who – above all – is possibly the most curious girl in the world. (And who has an affinity for run-on sentences and parentheses)

That was the recap – but for the full story, feel free to add the original Curiouser & Curiouser to your reading list.

So what does the future of Curiouser & Curiouser look like? Adventures, my friends. In everything. Hope you’re ready…


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