Things That Rock (IMHO): September Edition

Oprah’s got her “Favorite Things,” Martha’s got “Good Things,” and Maurice Sendak’s got “Wild Things.”

So basically it was high time I had some Things as well. Thus, without further ado, I give you the first of my monthly “Things That Rock My Ever-loving Socks”:

1) Moroccan Oil: Some people are just born with silken locks that fall around their shoulders like a waterfall of sunshine and butterflies. And then there’s me. On my 25th birthday, it seems my hair was possessed by a bale of hay. Also, the back cannot agree with the front on the whole curly vs. straight thing, but they definitely concur when it comes to expanding rapidly when the humidity rises above .2%. So yes – I will spend $16 for a bottle of serum the size of a minibar Jack Daniels in order to whip my hair into a slightly more tamed bird’s nest that smells like Catherine Zeta Jones.

2) Antigravity Yoga: I want to do this.

3) Sword play in a room full of flour: But I *REALLY* want to do this.

4) This Song: Excellent for yoga, chilling at the end of a rough day, and walking dramatically in slow motion.

5) Cucumber Water (Ancient Heironimus Family Recipe): Slice half of a cucumber. Drop it into a pitcher of water. Leave it in the fridge and forget about it for two days, then get really excited when you find you have a cold pitcher of cucumber water to quench your thirst after a long, hard workout. Or after a four-hour True Blood Marathon… whatever.

6) Udi’s Gluten Free Bagels: Bringing the carb party back to wheat intolerance, one 300-calorie serving at a time.

7) Google Calendar: Because who doesn’t want to visualize their work week  in what looks like a losing game of Tetris???

8 ) This Cat: Do you really need an explanation? Best cat I never owned…

9) Wood shavings: This last item may be 100% sarcastic. My sister’s boyfriend has made a wood shop out of our basement where he sands things. Lots of things. In fact, from what I can tell, he enjoys moving large pieces of wood from a “Non-sanded” pile to a “Sanded, Mothaf*cka!” pile. And we just bought him a bada** new sander for his birthday. FML. I unrolled my yoga mat in class today and released a veritable cyclone of wood shavings. Embarrassing?? Hell no! Wood shavings ROCK!)

10) Coming up with only 9 things… and being okay with that.

Well, there you have it. . And do tell, what’s rocking your world this month? (Unless it’s these, in which case I invite you to keep it to yourself)


4 thoughts on “Things That Rock (IMHO): September Edition

  1. Love the list! It is SO much like something my creative, crazy middle child would…. Oh, wait.

    The cat totally wins.

    I am a little troubled in that a sander was going to be the murder weapon in my next novel.

    Word of caution from a flour ninja – wear a breathing mask. 🙂

  2. In your great luck I just happened to be reloading facebook the exact moment you posted this. Your explaination of what cucumber water is was intreging so I kept reading your super interesting post.

    And then… oh no you diant!

    So I got you a present. You’re gonna love it. It’s got at least two things you love (sawdust and cucumber water) and if I can just mold this stuff right it might look like a cat… You can take it with you to Yoga!!!! Yay!!!!

    see you soon!!! ;~)

  3. Just one last funny coinkidink, that Morrocan oil really helps the sawdust & cucumber water hold their kitty shape ;-P

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