Eat Something New Sunday: D.C. Edition

Anyone else feeling like it was just yesterday that I instated Eat Something New Sundays? Anyone else out there adopting this as an excuse to eat impeccably at least one day a week? (Muah, ah, ahhhh… my evil plan is working!)

This week finds us in our nation’s fair capitol trying not one, but SO MANY THINGS. While in the privacy of my own home, I’m likely to eat cereal for dinner five days a week, something about vacation brings out my inner gourmet with a vengeance (nursing my drunchies in a french bistro at three a.m. with a crab-stuffed avocado – need I say more?). I know… I have a problem.

Anyway, we started off on Friday, fresh off the plane, roaming the streets of Clarendon, a Northern Virginia district renowned for its  seemingly endless homegrown cafes and restaurants. As if the food gods were smiling on us, we ran smack into the newest addition to the neighborhood, Rabbit. Between the tag line of “Slow food fast,” the attached Red Velvet Cupcakery and the one open patio table calling our names, we were sold hook, line and sinker on this den of culinary zen. (Also, who can say no to a bunny in a carrot car??)

Rabbit delivered on its promise and then some. Six minutes from the time we placed our order, Jeff and I were munching on some fine looking lunches. Rabbit’s Grilled Peach and Prosciutto salad (arugula, ricotta, pine nuts, peaches, prosciutto) and The Harvey (a gourmet grilled cheese with roasted red peppers) made for healthy fare with all the pinnings of sinful comfort food.

Blame it on the Bunny Juice (carrot juice blended with just a touch of apple juice for sweetness), but at the meal’s end, we felt the need to balance our vegetable yin with some cupcake yang (by which I mean I was totally bullied by the Red Velvet gang into purchasing a gluten-free Dark Angel – practically force-fed… it was awful). Seriously, though – best GF-baked-good-thing I’ve had in ages. It haunts me nightly.

Fast forward to this afternoon where we find ourselves once again on a breezy patio (early fall in D.C…. holy hell this place is *too* nice… seriously, the blue skies are starting to hurt my head), this time in Courthouse. Vietnamese is in order and Minh is going to fill our every exotic desire – namely, we’re going to have the world’s greatest Pho. For those who haven’t had the pleasure, Pho is the Ramen noodles of the gods. A massive, steamy bowl of broth and vermicelli noodles, thinly sliced brisket and crispy sprouts that’s as fragrant as it is tasty. Pair it with a French-pressed iced coffee (sweetened with gooey condensed milk) and you’ve got the hangover cure from the heavens. (A helpful tip on sizes: The small is enough to feed the Detroit Red Wings, the large is enough to feed Detroit).

Now here I am, stuffed, sated and brimming with new gustatory wisdom. Also, I’ve stuffed this post so full with food that I didn’t leave a lot of room to fill you in on the rest of our D.C. shenanigans. More on those in posts to come… Until then, go eat something exotic, bizarre or otherwise new to your world and bask in your adventures, however big or small.


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