She Works Hard For the Money

So it’s a little strange to be writing blog posts as a fully employed individual. Blogging-While-Job-Hunting was my M.O. for a while there,  the beauty of unemployment (or underemployment) being the massive amounts of free time that you can either use to veg in self-loathing in front of the t.v. all day or to seek out productive, creative or otherwise healthy pursuits (… like taking 205 portraits of yourself, par example?).

But suddenly, and for the first time in years, I’m earning an income doing something I love. And, no, I’m not making six figures (yet!), but by god I’m not waiting tables, I have one singular job instead of three or five and there’s no ceiling looming just over my head to keep me from taking this anywhere I want it to go.

A Waitress Robot no more! My aprons are in the landfill by now.

All that said, I took a major step back financially to achieve this. I’m thirty and relatively broke, and does that scare me? Why, yes. Yes it does a little. I often find myself pondering, alongside my cohorts, the “Why’s?”  of Gen-Y. Why did I spend a whopping five years in college? Why did I spend the better part of my twenties being underpaid and under-appreciated? Why has it been so damn hard to create a life not of excess but of comfort for myself?

Blame it on the economy, or some… ahem…. interesting life choices, but either way I’m here – working in a store with some incredible women (and a few bada** dudes, too), many of whom also found themselves faced with the need to live better and to make a difference in our world. Many of whom, like me, chose this job as their path to world domination (and by domination I mean love).

Granted, folding stretchy pants may not look much like changing lives or the planet. Make no mistake, though – this is no average apparel store. We built this mofo from the ground up. We’ve created not just a retail space, but a community center, and we’ve filled it with entrepreneurs who are intelligent, tactical, innovative, witty, compassionate, passionate, personable, empathetic, creative and funny as hell. And every single one of us has big plans. Our business is the fuel for those plans.

So will we introduce you to the most amazing pair of running tights you’ve ever raced in? Will we change your yoga practice with a mat made from the same material as tennis racket grips? Yes – and we’ll do it all while checking up on how you’re doing with your marathon goal, or the art show you’ve been putting together, or your fundraiser for the local food bank.

This is no retail position. I am not a saleswoman. I help people live long, healthy, fun lives. I change the world one person at a time.

Our store opens in one week, and I can’t wait to see all of my team’s labors and massive amounts of heart culminate in the most epic opening weekend anyone has ever witnessed since the dawn of time. (I’m optioning the rights for a screenplay as we speak… think Forrest Gump meets 300.)

This, my friends, is work. And I’m so grateful to be doing it.


3 thoughts on “She Works Hard For the Money

  1. We face challenges and obstacles and competition beyond what our parents faced. Persistence is the key to our survival. There is no instant gratification; you either find the grace within to endure or you give up. Choose the former and never look back.

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