Things That Rock: October Edition

“When there is nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire.” ~Chuck Palahniuk

And that’s about where I’m at today, mes amis. Despite my best efforts, my bank account is once again teetering on the edge of empty, and that typically throws me into a telescopic existential mopefest. So there I was, mid-temple rub, when this quote, which had recently caught my attention as the intro to This Song, came to mind. All at once, I was all ready to chin up, pull myself up by the bootstraps and rise above the muck powered by my own human furnace of might and will! I would ignite my inner flame and conquer the world!

Instead, I set my gluten free pizza aflame.

That feels about right...

And nothing says “rock bottom” like crying over burnt pizza on your kitchen floor.  As I attempted to recover my spark, munching on the charred remains, convincing myself that it did not taste like campfire and was, in fact, delectable, it occurred to me that in days of yore, I’d always found comfort in this – in closing myself in my office and writing into the unknown.

That, and October is almost over and I have yet to share with you the Rockingest Things of the month. So, without further ado (and may this clear my head and put things in perspective and keep me from getting overly serious as I’m sometimes prone to do…)

1) Whole Living: This little Martha Stewart spin-off taught me three valuable lessons this month. 1) How to perfect my headstand in 5 easy steps  2) Staring at pictures of healthy foods at length will send you into a zombie-like trance state in which you’ll drive yourself to Whole Foods and blow your life savings in 30 minutes flat, and 3) Placing this magazine strategically on your coffee table will make you feel like a Grown Up.

2) Hip Hop Yoga: Yes, yes and yes. Do I love a good centering in a dimly lit room surrounded by wafting incense and soundscapes of chirping birds and waterfalls? Of course I do. But do I *really* love when “Baby Got Back” starts playing just as the flow gets to Chair Pose? That’s a beautiful, beautiful thing, my friends. Also: The night sky + kickin’ bass + not taking one’s self too seriously = Not Yo Mama’s Yoga.

3) This Song: Speaking of nights skies, I am partial to them. I’m also more than vaguely attracted to rooftops. And this song sounds like the moon rising on a a nightful of possibilities. I like that, too. (Jeff put this on the “Driving Back to Raleigh is Not the End of the World” mix CD he made for me… Mix CDs!?! Can we please bring these back?)

4) Parks and Rec: I’m not much of a TV watcher, but the combo of Hulu and P&R has made life without 30 Rock a little more bearable.

5) Miss Representation: Here’s where I get all serious on your a##es. A friend of mine invited a bunch of us over to watch This Documentary and by the time I left, I was furious. At the media, at myself. Time to change the norm, people.

6) These Two: Yep, that pretty much turned my night around.

See, I knew if I rolled out a new post for you, I’d be feeling better by sign-off. Everyone’s got to have a bag of tricks for climbing out of their doldrums. Mine just happens to include puppies, babies, and reminding myself of all the things I love and why I love them.

Fire it up. Take on the world. (And don’t act like you’re not going to go watch the laughing baby again…)


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