Rooting for the Undercat

So I’ve been missing the cats desperately these past few months *and* I keep coming across articles about the increase in pet adoptions in relation to great animal portraits. Didn’t take long for a tiny flashbulb to burst over my head and for me to start feverishly e-mailing local shelters to offer my photography services. I’d be lying if I said this new venture is all for the cats.

A little piece is just for me.

This little girl was off to the nursing home to bring some cheer. She was wearing her harness for the first time and this might be the one shot where she wasn't trying to attack the vile, red beast that had ahold of her.

Archie doesn't know who his father is, but judging by the whiskers, I'd say the milkman was an otter.

I’ll be heading up north to a  no-kill shelter called Safe Haven a couple times a month to give the residents great portraits and a better chance at adoption. The more cats that find homes, the more cats that can be taken in. Simple as that. (Safe Haven also offers a low cost spay/neuter clinic).

Safe Haven’s doing an amazing job. They’ve created a cozy temporary home for their cats- it’s bright and clean, and there are clouds painted on the ceiling and a jungle playroom. I want to live there. They just need a little help telling their tenants’ stories and evoking each of the cats’ unique characters in a single photograph for use on their website and in publications. I’ve got my work cut out for me.

Ruben: Regal, stoic. Achilles heel: A rainbow-colored piece of felt on a stick.

And thanks to one big guy getting a little frisky with his claws, I’ve got my first battle scar.

Feels like home already.


2 thoughts on “Rooting for the Undercat

  1. Hello, I was wondering how long ,or how many emails it took for someone at the shelter to get back to you? Also how did you get them to see that you as a photograher, would benefit their shelter?

  2. Hey tmst,

    Didn’t take long at all. They responded within the week, and it wasn’t a hard sell. Taking images of all the cats that come through the shelter is massively time-consuming, never mind trying to get too get quality shots that really show off each animal’s individual personality. When I volunteered to take that task off their hands, they were very happy indeed to have me.

    Best to you in your endeavors!

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