Setback? Or Unexpected Scenic Route?



So that’s done.

Check’s in the mail.

I’m going to be a yoga teacher.

It is distinctly possible that I wrote this post for the express purpose of using this picture...

That is, I’ll be certified to teach yoga in June. What I do with that is then up to me, I suppose. But what a crazy, crazy turn of events!

And yet, it’s not crazy at all. Teacher training has been in my goals for months now, but I had it sitting way out there in left field, somewhere in the 5-year range. For some reason,  I thought there were all of these other things I needed to do before I could take the plunge into teaching yoga. But recent events had me pulling a whole chunk of goals out of my list, just to see what that life looked like. And to my pleasant surprise, that life made infinitely more sense.

Not that it was going to be easy.

Part of pushing this training a few years out was to make sure I was in a place where it made sense financially. Right now, it makes no sense financially, but complete sense in every other way. But I’ve let my financial insecurities hold me back from many things for quite some time now. There is a way to make this work. It will require sacrifice in other areas (I’m looking at you, Starbucks… and sushi… and a certain brand of athletic apparel that I can’t stop buying…). It will require a different mindset in which I’m totally content with being and not having.

So yogic. So perfect.

This is already an incredible learning experience, and it doesn’t even start until January.

While I’m feeling pretty done with all of this struggling, the answer seems to be to stop thinking of it as a struggle. It’s just life, and I’m living it, and it’s not always easy. But I’m so accustomed to MAKING THINGS WORK – even in the toughest of circumstances – that this is going to be cake by comparison.

(Remind me I said that, though, in a few months when I’m in the thick of it…)


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