The White Blanket Project

On my way out the door to go photograph these guys I, for some reason, grabbed the white fleece blanket off the edge of my bed and took it with me. I ended up bringing it into every cage I visited to help the cats feel comfortable and to give them a good backdrop. The response was unexpected and deeply moving. Many grew immediately attached to this soft new thing in their world. They kneaded it, rolled in it, burrowed through it, hid under it… even hunkered down for a long nap in it. It crushed me to have to remove the blanket when I was done shooting.

So here’s the thing: If you aren’t able to give a home to these guys, consider donating a dollar or two (or10!) toward buying them each a soft fleece blanket of their very own. I’d like to create a collection and go purchase blankets within the next month or so, so if you’re interested in helping, drop me a line (

It’s seems like such a little thing, but a quick look through these photos can tell you how much something warm and soft means to this guys. Their happiness is pretty simple, really. To be able to offer them that is a beautiful thing.

And now, without further ado, allow me to introduce the felines of The White Blanket Project:

Polenta: The Round-Faced Love Muffin

Saghir: The Noble Panther

Garry: The Starry-Eyed Teddy Bear

McIntyre: The Extroverted Talker

Arzelle: The Sleepy Sweetheart

Harley: The Humble Hurricane Survivor

Mozzarella: The Baby Mama (she has two kittens, also named after cheeses…)

Orvil: The  Player(Seriously… he just wants to play)

Ruben: The Regal Softy

Twiggy: The Inquisitive Imp

Remy: The Docile Dame

Veronica: Curious… Like a Cat (and the poster child for the project)

Mozelle: The Soul Churner (Just try looking in those eyes without having an existential moment…)

And there are more where these came from… keep an eye out for part two of this series.

Also, for those of you who are keeping track, I’m totally late on my ESNS. I did, in fact, make dinner last night at the last minute. Check it: Gluten-free pasta with a light Parmesan sauce, butternut squash, green peas and roasted turkey. (And a glass of pinot grigio compliments of my roommate who wasn’t so hot on the stuff… I thought it paired beautifully 🙂


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