Things That Rock: November Edition

It’s that time again: EVERYONE’S FAVORITE MONTHLY POST, in which I relay the many things that made my month while simultaneously freaking out because another month has discourteously flown by. I mean seriously, Months, is there some kind of rule that says you can only last 28-31 days? Where’s the fire? Maybe take your coat off, have a seat, stay a while… eat a chicken salad sandwich or something.

Alas, November is long gone. The good news is, the last thirty days provided plenty to dance about (that’s right – I dance about it; shouting is so Neanderthal…).

Things That Rocked in November: 

1) Ren Fest: Yep. I said it. You may have thought these affairs were designed to get the Vitamin D deficient D&D kids out of the basement and into the sunlight, or as an excuse to get a second wear out of your Halloween costumes (seriously, I saw one wayward little girl who was dressed as a candy corn), or maybe as an oasis for those who’ve always felt a bit anachronistic in their own century. Well… you’re right.

BUT, as it turns out, they’re also a massive adult playground with good food,  quality drinks (you won’t find $6 Bud Lights here), and fine entertainment options. I mean, who doesn’t love some bawdy humor in a British accent? Or a jaded skeleton puppet show with audience participation? Or JOUSTING?!?! Men with flowing locks trying to knock each other off horses, ladies. What more could you ask for? Well you could ask for them to fall off their horses and attack each other with whips lit on fire, I suppose. Done and done. It was a pretty amazing day. Perhaps I was seeing it all  through Woodchuck Cider-colored glasses, but I’ll take the Renaissance Festival over the State Fair any day.

2) Eating Out for Thanksgiving: Why,yes, I did once find the practice of taking your family to a restaurant for T-Day dinner lame, if not downright wrong. And of course I would have preferred a big dinner at Granny’s with la familia, but as it was going to be just Jeff and I this year, it just didn’t make sense to try to whip up turkey and fixings for two. (To be fair, we did try to bake a pumpkin pie, but when we got to the store – half an hour before closing – they’d sold out of every last pumpkin pie spice… and pumpkin). Instead we made a last minute reservation (note to self: most places aren’t exactly lining ’em up at the door on Thanksgiving Day – our reservation was a bit of a joke) at Flights who’d prepared a fixed price Thanksgiving dinner. Two words: Dessert. Bar. Also: no cooking, no kitchen mess, no dishes, plenty of leftovers. What’s not to love? The only drawback? Trying to peel yourself off of your uber cushy banquet when all is said and done. Flights would do well to offer pillows and blankets next year…

iphone + server thumb + totally out of focus = Possible the Worst "Look at Us! Eating Dinner!" Photo Ever.

3) Mass Destruction: Ever see Disney’s UP? You know that scene in the beginning where the old man’s house is completely surrounded by massive urban construction? Welcome to my world. For the past three weeks, they’ve been razing all of the warehouses and factories around our little house in the big city. Alarm clock? We don’t need no stinkin’ alarm clocks! I’ve got buildings being reduced to rubble right outside my window starting at 7:30 am sharp every day! On the upshot, it was pretty cool eating lunch with our faces practically pressed to the window watching entire walls demolished in one fell swoop (we may or may not have been adding our own sound effects a la five-year-olds).  Next up: six months of construction. Rock. On.


4) Very Mary Kate: I feel so out of the loop on this one. How did I not know about this until now?? This is the kind of tongue-in-cheek hyberbole I live for – Elaine Carroll, I salute you. (Do yourselves a favor and start from the top…errr… the bottom). #Ohmygoditssogoldinhere

5) Yogic Breakdancing: Yes and yes. The dancer blows my mind, the video rocks my socks and the song… well… just try not to move, I dare you. (It’s AWOLNATION’s “Sail.” Sadly, it’s also the only real standout I’ve heard from their debut album, Megalithic Symphony.)

6) Apothic Red: Somewhere, deep in the vast Leviathan of rubble that now surrounds our home,  there is a broken bottle of this splendid red blend with our name on it. After a particularly long day, my sister and I decided we should probably christen our Pit. We flung an empty bottle into the night and heard a resounding and quite satisfying shatter. Seemed like a good idea at the time. I stand by our decision, and by this wine.

For the sake of this post ever being published (I’ve been writing this for five days now… round one was lost to my finicky laptop and I’ve been picking at it ever since), I’m going to leave it at six wondrous things this month. By the looks of it, December’s going to be a doozie. SO MANY THINGS. It’s a good problem to have, really 🙂

If you’ve got a Thing that I really, really need to know about, I am perpetually down with checking out all variety of Things. Drop me a line on the facebook page or at


2 thoughts on “Things That Rock: November Edition

  1. Excellently delightful commentary! I want to go to Flights and order some Apothic red wine while eating Thanksgiving dinner as I am entertained by jousting puppeteers!

    Seriously, it sounds like you made some truly rewarding choices in November! I shall try to politely curtail my envy. 🙂

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