Why I Had to Buy the Orange Shoes…

And the orange striped sweater for that matter.

I was dropping some clothing off at a local consignment shop the other day – drab stuff, things I hadn’t worn in more than a year, sweaters that depressed me, shoes I could scarcely believe ever belonged on my feet. In short: I was soul churning via my wardrobe.

Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about here.

You’ve just gone through a serious life change. Your heart will no longer allow you to don more than half of the items found in your closet.

We humans and our desire to literally wear our hearts on our sleeves. Granted, I’m sure some us (cough, cough… ME!!!, ahem… cough) are more susceptible to this tendency than others. But I know I’m not alone, because I just watched Jeff go through a similar crisis with his hair (which, I’m happy to report, has resulted in a longer, more versatile look that left the house in a bit of a fauxhawk today, and damn those never get old).

And so I left my garments of yore at the counter, and while they were being rummaged through by the purchaser, I swam into endless racks filled with the cast-offs of hundreds of other hearts.

And, lo… high atop a rack of sweaters, perched delicately among knee-high boots and stiletto heels, there sat an orange flat adorned with a shiny silver buckle. I panicked momentarily until I found it’s partner floating among the  flotsam and jetsam of footwear.

I slipped those puppies on, and my heart let out a squeal of delight. Turns out it also wanted a kelly green cardigan, a chunky fuchsia tunic sweater, and an opulent, exotic scarf.

This is what I love about thrift and consignment shopping**. You’re not just walking into a store and swallowing whatever a particular brand is feeding you that season. You’re opening your heart and letting it run wild in a vast and varied playground of clothing, letting it play dress-up and listening closely to what it’s asking for.

And you can read your heart by the tea leaves that make it to the check-out counter.

One heart's cast-off is another heart's technicolor dreamcoat.

** Also these are the only places I can afford to give my heart the gift of expression 🙂


4 thoughts on “Why I Had to Buy the Orange Shoes…

  1. So shall history know this as your “Curiously Orange Phase”? And about the exotic scarf…just remember Isadora Duncan (I think she was a thrift shopper also – I’m pretty sure I read that somewhere). I’m just saying.

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