Unemployed?? Pshhh! There’s WORK to be done!

Today’s project?

Opening up shop with Society6.

After a day’s work, I’ve got some of my photography up for sale in the form of high quality art prints, framed prints, iPhone cases and skins, laptop skins and more. And, all told, it was ridiculously easy to put together. Got art? Get selling. Check out and start growing a store. Mine can be found here:

Blooms Like Lightning iPhone case by 1201 Photography

Also, I finally joined the iPhone age today. I’ve always been the last one on board technology trends, and somehow I have no qualms with that. At least this way, I let everyone else figure out all the glitches and pitfalls (cough… 3G!… cough, cough!), and they’re infinitely more affordable now than when they first came out. All you technology fiends out there, I salute you! For myself, though, I’m happy to wait. (Now excuse me while I get all cray cray in the app store.)

In other news, someone’s become addicted to Pinterest. And her name starts with an “A” and ends with a “manda.” SO many people with such IMPECCABLE taste! Should you find yourself in need of inspiration for, well… anything, pop on there and go nuts.

And for any of you who have somehow managed to miss all of the blacked-out sites all around the internet today, please take a sec to educate yourself on SOPA and PIPA and sign the petition to keep the internet alive and uncensored:

But now… TACO NIGHT!! Hasta manana, amigos!

Exhibit A (and I definitely ended up eating one too many... curse you taco night. Cuuuuurse youuuuuuuu!)


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