Mysterious Ways

One of my yoga teacher training assignments has me making a pact with myself to spend 30 minutes outdoors every. single. day. Regardless of the weather or how busy I get, I’ll be out there for at least half an hour. I’ve decided to wrap this project up (it goes through June) by teaching a donation-based outdoor yoga class and sending any proceeds to The Nature Conservancy. (More on that in the days to come, I’m sure.)

Anyway, miraculous things have already come of this promise. Today, I took the camera out, cleaned it up, brushed off the dust and officially got back into working mode. Rather than fashion shoots or selfies, though, today I turned my lens on a new set of subjects. In fact, I decided to look with much different eyes today – not those of a journalist in search of stories or characters, but those of an artist. Don’t get me wrong; photography is art. But I have never been a painter or one who could draw (unless you count elaborate stick figures). That was always my sister’s forte. Today I set out to find art in the world… and holy crap it was everywhere.

Those of you who caught the “Technology” post the other day may have been asking yourselves what all the hoopla was about Pinterest. Let me start by saying I’m a bulletin board girl. If it moves me, makes me laugh, catches my eye, brings back a memory, or otherwise inspires me, I want it on my board. So when I came across this website and found that someone had just given me the gift of online pinboards of inspiration I can share with the world… I was all in.

To some, all the imagery, all the gadgetry, all the design and diy may get overwhelming. But here’s the thing: it WORKS!

I’d come across this flower on a walk that was planted out in front of a house near the beach. The contrasting colors were so gorgeous, but there just wasn’t a photo there. Too much competing background and really horrible light from directly overhead. It just wasn’t happening. But I took a shot anyway, and I tucked it away, tacked it onto my mental bulletin board.

The Inspirational Flower

Later, I came to a brightly colored wall, partially in shadow, partially drenched in sun. The bold color and light contrast caught my eye, and I took several shots.

When I got the images into Lightroom, the photos of the bright wall did strike me as interesting. And yet… not quite my speed.

The Offending Wall

And then it hit me. I scrolled back through the “film” and there was my rose – that crummy picture with the gorgeous hues. I plucked those colors and brought them into the wall image, and voila! Magnifique. Much improved, and, more importantly, its what was actually in my heart.

Crazy thing, this inspiration. And that’s why I can’t stop pinning 🙂

The Winning Image

And you’d better believe it became an iPhone case:


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