Oui, La Vie est Bon

Having just completed a yoga teacher training weekend and welcomed spring to Wilmington in a big way (it’s 80 degrees out right now and the world is abloom), I’ m finding myself contemplating the idea of abundance. It’s so easy, especially in times of economic downturn, to worry about all that you lack, to be concerned that you might not be “keeping up,” to find yourself getting down about all you haven’t accomplished or obtained in life yet.

But it’s days like these that make it tough to think that way (or should, anyway). It’s warm, breezy and bright and nature’s starting to explode with color. I’m in love! I’m finally employed (and my boss just let me take over our restaurant’s social media – check it: http://www.facebook.com/bentoboxilm)! And right now I’m sitting on a patio, drinking a Nati Bo (that cost me all of $1.50) and getting some work done in the great, gorgeous outdoors. I have a stable home,  two cats (only one of whom has made  habit of biting my nose to let me know it’s time to get up), food on the table and reliable transportation (have I mentioned becoming a one-car family was the best decision we’ve made in a long time?).

By god, I’m a fortunate girl. But the bigger point here is that when you start focusing on and celebrating your talents, your gifts, and all that you do have, you’ll start to chill out about all of the things you don’t. You may even find that some of your previous concern was over things you only thought you should have based on societal pressures, your friends, your family. Maybe while you’re basking in your newly realized abundance, consider what genuinely makes you happy and what qualifies as merely keeping up with Joneses.


One thought on “Oui, La Vie est Bon

  1. Totally agree…it took me so long to realize that if I work hard and save for what I want it makes it that more special to obtain. I no longer have to have the “it” purse, shoes, etc…I love being in my 30’s

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