There She Is

Hot damn I love it when creativity swoops in like a great migratory bird returning home with the warm weather. Possibly it was due to my work troubles followed by unemployment followed by starting a new job, but I’d been feeling like someone left the cap off my right brain for too long and it had lost a bit of its juice.

It appears, however, that when life begins to stabilize, space begins to open up like  fields of tall grass for your imagination to go running around in. It helped, too, that my friend and talented hairstylist Audra dropped me a line regarding her desire to collaborate on a photoshoot. This couldn’t have come at a better time. My current stability has a shelf life of approximately four more months, so you’d better believe I’m going to get my creativity on while I can.

So tomorrow I’m taking my day off to adventure into new location scouting territory (always fun) and to hunt down inspiration for this shoot. In fact, I’ll be shooting for most of the day tomorrow – something I haven’t made the time for in a very long while. Looking forward to getting my eye in that lens and letting the world envelop me. There’s some yoga in there, isn’t there?

Speaking of which, I was doing my reading for teacher training last night. Right now it’s Yoga Spandakarika as translated by Daniel Odier. During his discussion of Stanza 3, Odier talks about the problem with *trying* to reach a state of unity. Yoga Spandakarika basically tells us to quit trying so damn hard – in more eloquent terms, of course: “It is not we who reach the state; it is the state that reaches us. It is not we who create silence; it is silence that pervades us. Let us allow it the freedom to brush up against us, to penetrate us, to settle in within us for a few moments, to leave us, to come back.”

I think the very same goes for the creative muse. Take a comfortable seat in the sun, kick your feet up, maybe sip on a freshly pressed mojito and…

Well, hello… there she is.


One thought on “There She Is

  1. Love it! There are definitely times when it is best just to be “ready” rather than in pursuit.

    But I am unexpectedly struck by the oneness of Yogi Odier and Yoda – both appear to be saying “there is no ‘try'”. 🙂

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