Confessions of a Cat Lady

It’s true.

Technically, we’re a cat couple. Because I’m certainly not alone in my borderline obsession with my two cats. Yes, I enjoy photographing (and now filming) Pip and Soph. They crack my sh#t up on a daily basis. But it’s every bit as likely that I’ll come home to find Jeff giving fatherly advice to Pip as they floss together before bed (yes, Pip flosses) or reading with Sophie coiled contentedly in his lap. Yes, it’s fair to say we are equally enamored with our pets.

The other night we were reading an article about the phenomenon of insanely famous feline personalities on sites like You Tube. It was ludicrous, of course, but also made sense in the context of Japanese culture and lifestyles. Apparently, being able to keep any animal in your home is a luxury in large Japanese cities like Tokyo. So people have taken to living vicariously through pet owners who share their animals’ antics online. Another theory is that, “the internet is the dog park for cats.” I get that. I mean, let’s face it, the dog park is as much for the owners as it is for Fido. You can commune with other dog owners, and you didn’t spend three weeks teaching your dog to play dead for your own entertainment. Obviously, it’s not an option to shuffle the cats off to a park and pen them in with a bunch of other people’s cats. Nor would any cat likely enjoy that – by their very nature, cats are way to cool for that sh#t.

The internet, then, provides the communal grounds for cat owners to introduce their pets to the world and for everyone to get a good laugh. Cats are so complex – so simultaneously too-cool-for-school and tragically easy to ridicule. What’s not love?

After I got over the part where some guy bought five cats in order to amass a cat choir of sorts, my next thought, naturally, was, “Wait a second. Why don’t our cats have a You Tube channel?”

The answer is: They do now…


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